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When spider webs unite, they can halt even a lion.

Sheikh Jarrah weekly protest East Je

Sheikh Jarrah...where an alternative to the hatred and suspicion, imprisoning us all behind walls, might grow...’

‘...In Sheikh Jarrah there is a growing group of Israelis who are saying 'Enough'!..

...Enough of the settlements! Enough of the intimidation! Enough of the hatred, the provocation of disputes. Enough of public apathy!...’

‘...The struggle in Sheikh Jarrah

‘...The struggle in Sheikh Jarrah fosters partnership between Arabs and Jews, Palestinians and Israelis...

The Peace Keepers Israeli Defense

The Peace Keepers Israeli Defense

Rabin memorial Tel Aviv

Rabin memorial Tel Aviv

Palestinian Protest in central Tel A

Palestinian Protest in central Tel Aviv

Two flags

Two flags

Walk for Peace

Walk for Peace Northern Israel to Jerusalem

Enough abuse of chickens!

Racism is not untreatable

28 degrees in December..

‘Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.’


Solidarity (written in Hebrew and Arabic)

‘Sir Defense Minister, Freedom of movement is every human’s right. Remove the Curfew on Gaza!’

Guess who

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