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  • Jane

I Love You and Thank You


It’s midnight and I go into her room to check if she’s sleeping. Her eyes open as I enter. I was hoping she'd be asleep because I know that if she’s awake, she’ll ask for ‘just a little something to eat’.

I tuck her in and ask if she’s warm. With a big smile she answers, ‘If you are here how can I be cold!?’

I cover her with another blanket.

Why why why? she asks.

Why what?

Why are you looking after me so much?

Because you are my mother

She stares at me with deep pure love in her eyes.

‘Thank you’, she says

‘It’s my pleasure’.

She shakes her head, ‘It’s not a pleasure’

‘It’s an honour’, I reply

She corrects me ‘It’s our honour’.

So it goes every night.


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