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Cycle of Life

This project touches on birth, ageing and death - the constants of life.

It is a collaboration between myself and Melbourne artist Sapna Chandu. Together, we explore the experience and embodiment of ageing, mortality

and cycles in the life and journey of women.

Que Sera Sera, What Will Be, Will Be.

My mother, my daughter my granddaughter and myself sing (off key) the classic song 'Que Sera Sera'. We are 4 generations that represent the cycle of life. Each generation asks advice from the generation above, until my 94 year old mother closes the circle and asks me to '...Stay a little bit longer, a little bit closer, these last moments are precious to me...'


Facelift is a feminist parody of the cosmetic industry. Our culture/media put youth on a pedestal. 

This project explores our experiences as two women ageing in a society surrounded by seductive images, which equate youthfulness with beauty.

With a widespread boom in the consumption of injectables and surgery — changing expectations surrounding beauty, mortality and death — we ask ourselves: ‘how can we reconcile a mature-age sense of self worth, in an era of ‘hyper-beauty.’

This is our interpretation of the consultative process involved with cosmetic enhancement, as we use sticky tape to ‘lift’ our faces.


Once vibrant, adventurous and independent, my 95 year old mother has wound down and now spends a lot of her day nodding off.

I wonder what she dreams about and whether she thinks about the life she lived.

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