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Déjà vu, Watch Out Jew!

The project ‘Déjà vu, Watch Out Jew!’ involves dressing up and performing a variety of personas that comment on my family’s history, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and my concern with the continuing presence of anti-Semitism.

The project consists of 7 video works:  

Miss World Peace (Melbourne Rally) 

Dance Before the Storm 

Dad and Primo Levi 

Whistle While You Work 

Just an Ordinary Peasant 

Missed World Peace 

Lady Gaza

The Scary Ones 


Some of these pieces have been created as a response to my parents’ repeated stories of their war time experiences. Other pieces have been created as an interruption of current political ideologies that I perceive as displaying dangerous racial biases. All of the works are interconnected.

Together they serve as a visual caution on the dangers of prejudice. 

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