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Jane Korman


There has never been a time in my life that I have not immersed myself in Art. From a very young age I was left alone with my pencils and paints whilst my parents, still making up for lost time, either went out to work or partied hard with their friends. 


I was born in Melbourne, Australia to Adolek and Marysia Kohn. In their early 20s they left Poland after having escaped the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Their social life was filled with friends who also mourned the death of parents, siblings and communities and so my parents’ experiences were not unique to them. 


But the stories my parents told me and the way they celebrated with energy and optimism, hosting crazy dress up parties, organising picnics in the woods and dancing till dawn -  these memories have been the core inspiration of my life.


Throughout my life I have immersed myself in many different forms of artistic expression starting with painting and photography, Graphic Design,  Judaica (Jewish texts and illuminated scrolls), wall murals, designing and building furniture, video production and editing, culminating in Performance Art. This last medium channels my life experiences and the themes that I have been drawn to since childhood.

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