Lady Gaza is a character inspired by a mixture of Lady Gaga and the French artist, Claude Cahun. She represents both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Part Israel, part Palestine, part freedom fighter, part Holocaust survivor, she is unhinged and embroiled in a perpetual self-conflict. Lady Gaza embodies the madness of conflict.

A Day in the Life of Lady Gaza by Raf Korman

A Day in the Life of a Performance Artist

Political turmoil in the Middle East has translated into fear in the West. From that fear, prejudice is born. My aunty, Jane Korman, is a performance artist. Through performative persona, Jane reflects notions of prejudice and the outcomes of political discord. Using the persona of Miss World Peace, Jane personifies the naïve optimism brought about by attempts at peace between Israel and Palestine. Following the breakdown of peace, Miss World Peace transforms into Missed World Peace and Lady Gaza. These subsequent personas represent the trauma that flows from failed negotiations and perpetual conflict. Trauma symptoms include depression, alienation, destitution, destruction and ultimately madness


The Day in the Life series is shot by Raphael Korman:

Music credits: The Prodigy – Breathe

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