This project addresses our fear and aversion of death. I confronted this topic by creating a colourful life-size coffin decorated with sweets, representing  the fine line between a ‘sweet life' and a 'sweet death'. 


This coffin was the centrepiece for an ornate ‘Moulin rouge’ type gallery space. Playing in the background was old footage of clips recorded from my parent’s dress-up parties scanning fifty years of their life, from the 1960s till the present day.


This video demonstrates how my parents, even though survivors of the horror they experienced during the Holocaust, have succeeded in making a ‘celebration’ of their life, knowing, from personal experience, that death is always close by.


Their attitude to both life and death is the essence of this exhibition.

 A 'Sweet Death' slack family Cabaret

We Came from the Ashes...And Now We Dance

 A Sweet Death: Coughing Coffin

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