The scene opens as I emerge from my Baggage to start the day. My Baggage and I are extensions of one another.

Together we catch the train from Prato to the Central train station in Florence. Here, we disconnect from each other for some minutes to have a cigarette break, and observe all the other travellers laden with their own ‘baggage’.

As dusk settles over Prato, we finally head back home to Palazzo Vecchio. I crawl back into my Baggage, feeling safe and warm, and go to sleep.

In this piece, the suitcase is a metaphor for our own baggage. It touches on our own personal journey, but is also a metaphor for loss of identity, displacement, refugees, and the Holocaust.

Each one of us carries an accumulation of experiences and influences, not only from one’s own life, but also from the lives of previous generations. Sometimes it takes a whole lifetime to shed this baggage. Sometimes we don’t succeed, and the weight of our baggage continues to be passed on to the next generation.

A suitcase is not merely an inert object. It is an integral partner in our changing lives, incorporating a space that is forever absorbing the past, present and future.

A Day in the Life of Baggage

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