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My Perfect Man

How to Build the Perfect Home for my Perfect Man

Once I had made Som-Chai, My Perfect Man, I knew I had to cement our relationship by building our Perfect Home. Which led to my final question – Once you have the Perfect Man and the Perfect Home, can you truly be happy?


Well, so far, I can say, yes. Som-Chai does makes me happy. He reflects all that is true in me – my passions, my inspirations, my joy and my peace.  He is also kind, generous and brings a smile to everyone he meets.


Som Chai and I want to thank the devoted team behind this project.

Firstly, our Burmese builders, Low and Lough. They are smart, reliable and resourceful.

Also the Compeung team: Pa, the head supervisor, who was promptly here at 8am every morning. Ong, the brain and the hands behind this construction, and also the provider of nightly music that pumped us up even more.

I thank Gabor for his evening bursts of power and energy and his belief in this project. Linda – thanks for your perfect pics and the interior decoration of our Home.

And most importantly, Ma, for adding her nurturing care to the whole site. With warm hearts, Som Chai and I leave you with our words of appreciation and blessings.


We will carry the spirit of this haven back to Melbourne, Australia and look forward to our return.

My Perfect Man


The Plan (in plasticine)


01‭.‬ Measuring the area


02‭. ‬Removing the bark from the trunks


03‭. The soil arrives


04‭. ‬Me, Pa and Low erect the trunks/poles


05‭. ‬Unloading the grass-matting

06.Measuring centre

06. Calculating the centre of our home

07.Radiating poles

07. Connecting the radiating poles

08.cross beams

08. Attaching the cross beams

09.Roof cap

09. Building the roof cap

10. Roof cap peak

10. The roof cap peak

11. Umbrella cover

11. Adding the radiating umbrella cover

12. Roof cross beams

12. Attaching the cross beams on the roof

13. Grass matting

13. Organising the grass matting

14. Placing matting

14. Laying the matting

15. Sewing matting

15. Sewing the matting

16. Resting on roof

16. Enjoying the view

18.Filling Bags

17. Filling the bags with soil

17.Pounding mud bags

18.Pounding the bags filled with soil


19.I need a rest

20. Me & som

20. Showing Som Chai around

21. Me‭-‬&Son

21. So exciting

22. Filling gaps

22. Filling the gaps with mortar

23. mixing mortar

23. Mixing the mortar

24. Plastering mud bags

24. Plastering mud bags

25.Spreading mortar

25.Spreading the mortar

26. Resting

26. Rest time again

27. Sreading dye

27. Spreading the powdered dye

28. Interested monks

28. A visit from the monks

29.table structure

29. Building the table structure pattern

30. Painting the pattern on the seat

31.table structure2

31.Close up of table structure from tyres and bamboo

32.smoothing table cement

32.Smoothing the cement on the table

33.Low finishing off plaster

33. Low is finishing off the plastering

34.plastering table base

34. Plastering the table base

35.Almost finished

35. Our home is almost finished!

36. Gaabor & ong pounding ground

36. Gaabor & Ong pounding the ground

37. laying entrance bricks

37. Laying bricks for the floor

38.Gaabor & ong againjpg

38. Gaabor & Ong working hard


39. Ong putting up the sign 'Jane & Som Chai's Home'

40.Baan complete night

40.Our Home (Baan) is complete


41.All cleaned up


42. Now that I have a Man AND a Home, I can be truly HAPPY!

My Perfect Man

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