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RAT tests for my protection


Every day when I visit mum, I need to have a RAT test to check I don’t have Covid. These are the regulations. I’ve been doing this since mum moved in to Aged Care nearly 2 years ago. Now that’s a lot of RAT tests.

But what does one do with so many RAT tests?!

I have been collecting them because I guessed they would come in handy one day. And sure enough, my car became the canvas for hundreds of tests. I feel they’re a sort of talisman that protects me and makes me feel safe. That might sound crazy, but gluing RAT tests all over my car has been an uplifting and comforting project.

Especially in the light of the current Israel/Palestine war.

It’s nearly been 6 months since Hamas terrorists brutally massacred and raped residents in the Southern Kibbutzim and the young people at the Nova music & peace festival. In a flash Jew-haters flooded the world, and my body shut down.

I needed those RAT tests around me and I needed to draw a big broken heart on the roof of my car. If anyone asked, I would explain. And from scrabble pieces I wrote the words from that song by Moby:  ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’

Cos it felt so bad it didn’t stop thumping for 3 months straight.

And then on New Years Eve, together with my friends, I danced all night, and punched the air and screamed like a crazed teenager, and finally the thumping inside me stopped.

But the pain’s still there, just sleeping.


Sketching the heart shape

Protecting the broken heart



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