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Gold Digger, Power Couple, Bimbo & Trailer Trash

Gold digger, Harry & me

GOLD DIGGER. Tomorrow Harry’s taking me on a cruise to the French Riviera on his new yacht

Harry’s taking me to his divine Pent

Last week Harry took me to his divine Penthouse apartment in Port Douglas

8 more days till Harry takes me on a shopping weekend to Paris in his private jet

Piss off, bitch, he's mine

Piss off, bitch, Harry's mine

Disgusting! Vaginas everywhere!

DISGUSTING! Vaginas everywhere!

and here comes 'sugar mama'

and here comes 'Sugar Mama'

'You scrub up well!'

'You scrub up well!'

Leslie & Me  (Playacting)

Flirting with Leslie

Power Couple


Can we go to the Marriot already?

Tomorrow we’re flying to Dubai to launch Mark's latest Marriott hotel chain venture.

Darling, this University Art Opening

Darling, this University Opening is so dull. We'll be late to the launch of Twoobs at the Marriott if we don't leave now




Oh my G-d, they’ve opened a new solarium in Chapel!


Oh my G-d, I just got my hair peroxided 5 weeks ago, and I’ve already got regrowth!


I got the cutest little skirt on Chapel!

The gang


Trailer Trash. With Yaakov Eretz

Fuckn' Centrelink – I only got 200 bucks this week! (with Oink & Yaakov Eretz)

Heading for the stage. With Oink and

Y’ ass-hole – where d’ya leave the kids?(with Oink and Gillian)

M' Trashy Son

M' Trashy Son

M' drunken men

M' drunken men

M' Trashy Men barging into Gallery

M' Trashy Men barging into Gallery

M' mates: Julie Okragli & Magda Kron

That bitch tried to wack off m'ciggies… (gossiping with m' mates: Julie Okraglik & Magda Kron)

Fuckin'Art Wank

Fuckin'Art Wank

Why dont ya all juz head to the pub

Why dont youse juz piss off to th' pub rown the corner!?

Yasmin, my stylist

YASMIN, my stylist

Yasmin my stylist & photographer

Yasmin my stylist & photographer

Dad, also my photographer

DAD, also my photographer

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