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  • Jane

Coby & Mum


This house is a funny old house. 

I haven’t spoken much about our household. You know mum lives here with me. But there are also five other people: Bee, Yasha, Gil, Sadra (from Iran) and Ricky (from Indonesia). Each with a story. 

At the moment I’ll tell you about Coby or 'Yasha' as I call him

Coby is very religious now. He last became religious after his most recent manic episode about a year ago. One minute he didn’t care what he ate, the next he did. He prays for many hours every day and has his own dishes, pots, pans and kosher food. He says prayers before eating and after. The rest of us are not so patient with all his religious fervour but we still support him. But mum adores him and is happy for him to teach her the prayers after washing hands and before eating bread. 

It’s a win win. Coby is happy to get mum to say a prayer before she eats and mum loves the attention and is happy that he’s happy. 


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