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Mum has Two Angels


Mum has two angels that landed in this house - one is Lisa from the Phillipines, the other is Serena, a young student from India. They love mum unconditionally and always keep an eye out for her.

Lisa is an early riser and more often than not she’ll find mum pottering around in the kitchen in the early hours of the morning. I am sound asleep at that time. Lisa will tend to mum with loving care - she’ll help mum put on her dressing gown, make her a hot cup of tea and sit with her for a while.

Lisa leaves me notes updating me about the morning activities.

This is the note she left me this morning:

Lovely day, Jane.

I am sending you the photo of your Mum with the Dahlia we picked this morning about 8:30 am.

I saw her after 8:00 am when I opened my door ready to go to the pool.

She was at her door dressed up with her shoes on.

We happily marched to the TV room. On the way, she fixed the half lemon near the stove, fixed the curtains.

It was sunny, so I asked her.... maybe she could have her tea outside in front of the garage.

On the way, she fixed the floor mat, fixed the plastic blue flowers in the pot.

She happily drank her tea. I was waving to her while I was watering the passionfruit tree.

She was then a little bit tired and I walked her back to her bedroom.

On the way, she saw to it that the back door lock was not on..🌈🥰

Mum, Lisa and the dahlia


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