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She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother


According to mum’s passport she is 99, but according to the Lodz Ghetto records she is 100. Till not long ago, mum had lived a rich and vibrant life, despite living through the war and its aftermath. 


In 2017, after dad died, she made the decision to move in with me. Instead of feeling burdened, I embraced the change and the opportunity to care for her. 


These posts capture mum’s life since she moved in. These were precious years when she lived with me in my home - a ‘share home’ - together with other family members and housemates. Everyone supported, appreciated and loved having her around.


Many of us are not connected to the lives of the very old. I wanted to documents these years with mum as a record for the generations to come and anyone else who might be interested. These posts reveal the daily joys and challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia.


Mum began having more and more falls and in 2022, after 5 years of living at home, we moved her into the Aged Care home across the road. I was very sad that I could no longer care for her at home. 


Even though her world today is very small, I can see that she is content in her little room as long as we, the family, visit her regularly and show her our love. 

I have continued to document the ups and downs of mum’s world while she’s at the home.


These posts also include many heart-felt and awe inspiring stories from mum’s earlier years - pre, during and post war -  to remind us all that she hasn’t always been old.

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