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  • Jane

Who's wearing my clothes again?


Mum’s put herself to bed for an afternoon sleep. She’s been resting for a couple of hours and it’s time to get her up. I pull back the doona and laugh out loud. She’s wearing the clothes I had set out to wear later on - a cosy cardigan that had belonged to dad, and a knitted vest that I hadn’t worn in a long time. Now mum’s wearing both the cardigan and the vest.

I would probably get annoyed if someone had entered my room and snitched my clothes - but it’s a whole different feeling when it’s mum. I don’t think she consciously thinks that she’s wearing a little bit of me, or views my things as hers, with no line of separation. What’s most likely is that she doesn't think about these things at all; it’s just a comforting feeling to walk into my room and take whatever catches her eye :-)


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