• Jane



Tom is 85 and is a precious relic from the old world. He is down to earth and frugal, the simple things make him happy.

He is my loyal helper and comes most weeks to fix things around the house or build little aids that help me look after mum. He’s put in all the handrails and built the wooden bars around mum’s bed (without which she would’ve fallen many times). He’s made little wooden sofa arm covers for mum to rest her cup of tea, a drop down shelf outside mum’s room for her breakfast tray or other paraphernalia on its way to the kitchen or laundry. He’s put up all the shelves in her room, each more useful than the next.

‘Tom days’ are the days I come alive - they are my best days because we do projects together inside and outside the house. I can suggest any wacky idea and together we nut it out and Tom makes the final product. I’ve learnt so much from him.

We always have a morning cuppa and a chat together around 8.30am, discussing the latest news or his family who all live interstate. We then stop for lunch around 11.30am where we have another big chat joined by whoever is in the house at the time - Diane the carer, Coby, Lina, Sisira. There is always someone coming in or out.

Amongst his many talents, Tom has an operatic voice. Mum is overjoyed when he serenades her with his repertoire of golden oldies.

Tom & me