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A light-bulb moment


About 6 months ago, while tidying up my bookshelf, I came across a folder of mum’s life stories before and during the war. They were part of a collection of interviews from 2006 carried out by Adele Hulse. Adele worked for a programme called ‘Write Your Story’ run by the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia. The programme guides members of the Jewish community, mostly Holocaust survivors, to write and publish their autobiographies. Adele’s interviews with mum stopped midway.

I had always pressed mum and dad to record their life but they were so busy living it that they had no space to do such a thing. Browsing through the folder, I had a light-bulb moment. Mum was too old now, but why couldn’t I continue this project with Adele? I immediately sent her an email. She replied saying she’s too busy and recommended someone else. And so, six months ago, I began working on mum’s story.

Which explains why I haven’t uploaded any posts since August. Any free moments, in between looking after mum, go towards this project.


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