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Abhishek & Ramya


Abhishek & Ramya are brother and sister who are both staying at my place. Ramya moved in around Xmas 2023, and a few months later she asked whether her brother - who was arriving in Oz in early March - could stay at my place as a ‘wwoofer’. Which meant he would not pay rent but instead would offer me help in anything I needed for a set amount of hours a day.

I agreed because I always need help around the house.

Six weeks later and our wwoofer arrangement has been a great bartering success. Abhishek comes from a comfortable home in Sth India where his mother has pampered him, so I've been training him like a scout camp leader. He never complains about my bossiness, in fact he is very quiet and polite.

Here are some of the things he's learnt to help me with:

Sanding & varnishing the wooden floors

Sanding & painting the outside benches

Stencilling the floors

Tilling the soil


Planting seedlings...

I only recently realised that he’s an IT man, and can help me with more important things than weeding :-/

So since then, he’s been:

Digitalising tens of photo albums

Working on my website

Setting up VHS conversion to digital Hard Drive

Fixing old Hard Drives

Working out how to eject stuck DVDs on my old laptop and so on…

He can do anything.

But the MOST valuable job of all is when he visits mum. He tenderly cares for her, feeding her the famous hot chicken soup with chicken feet. Sometimes Ramya goes along with him on the weekend when she’s not working.

Not every one can care for a very old person, with ‘old-people habits’, who is mostly sleepy and shoos away visitors. It is also not easy to feed an old person. You need a lot of patience and persistence. Abhishek & Ramya have all these qualities.

They are two of a line of angels that have arrived on my door step to help me tend to mum with love and care.

Their parents should be very proud of them.

Bless them ❤️

Abhishek & Ramya 28.4.24

Abhishek feeding mum chicken soup

Mum loves to flirt with him :-)

Abhishek tilling and spreading mulch

Stencilling the floors

Sanding & varnishing


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