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The last visit to 'Ashwood'


Every evening when I say goodnight to mum and tell her I'm tired and I'm going home to 'Ashwood', she asks me 'Where is Ashwood?'

I hadn't brought her home in a long while - it was too challenging - but this time I decided to try, with Yasha's help. I wanted to remind her and show her what was 'Ashwood.'

The visit was a disaster. The traffic was too noisy, the sun was too bright in her eyes, and the footpath was too bumpy. Mum looked like she was suffering the whole way there and back.

I realised I'm not going to put her through this trial any more. I no longer felt guilty and was now certain she was the happiest in her little womb of a room - Room 14.

This is the one place she feels safe.

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