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Alma is 4 today!


We moved to Israel just over 40 years ago via a three month stay in Indonesia. At the time Yasha was four and a half and Sunny, two and a half. Yasmin and Gil weren’t born yet. After 18 vibrant years in Israel, Ronny, Yasmin, Gil and I returned to Australia -- I wanted to spend more time with mum and dad as they were nearing their 80s. Yasha and Sunny stayed in Israel - Sunny was serving in the army and overall felt more comfortable there and Yasha was finishing off some final year subjects.

Fast forward ten years. Sunny met Amir, and they were married in 2010. Today they have four children, Mia, Evie & Ben, and Eitan. Yasmin, who was born in the car in Israel in 1983, returned to Israel, originally to help Sunny with her first born, Mia. There she met Liad. Today they have two kids, Alma, aged nine and Yonatan, nearly one.

In a nutshell, my six grandkids all live in Israel.

Even though I don’t have a regular hands-on Savta/grandkid relationship - especially while I’ve been looking after mum these past years and traveling less - I do my best to create a good feeling and ongoing connection with the kids.

This clip was taken when Alma turned four. Mum always has been part of the gang, as has Som Chai (my pretend ‘partner’).

Here we are taking a happy birthday selfie to send to Alma.

Happy Birthday darling Alma! Me, Mum, Som Chai and Kuki pillow, 2018

4-year old Alma, 2018

With her best 'boy' friend, Meir Harari, 2018

With Ima Yasmin, 2018

With Aba Liad, 2018


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