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  • Jane



It’s late. Mum sits on the bed waiting for me to help her get undressed and into her nightie. I resist, hoping that she’ll still somehow manage to do it herself. 

I lay out her nightie for her to put on. I’m feeling much more patient tonight because if I don’t help her she’ll fall sleep in her clothes. 

I unzip her jumper, unbutton her shirt, and slip the nightie over her head. I direct her to take off her black pants which is a hard task for her, but she manages. Then I remind her to do shoo shoo (pishy) and put on a clean nappy. 

I leave the room and return 10 minutes later; she’s still on the toilet. 

I pace myself - when I’m about to burst I need to leave the room for a minute or two, and then check in again. Mum’s in bed but she didn’t manage to put the fresh nappy on. Never mind. 

I tuck her in - she loves this feeling. I ask her if she’s warm. She grabs my hand and whispers, As long as you hold me everything’s ok. 


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