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Friday Night Singalong

15.8.20....Jumping forward a year.

It’s still lockdown. 

Last night we had yet another Erev Shabbat (Friday night) dinner together which Yasha (Coby) and Bee organised. These are very cosy family gatherings where we all sit together, sing songs and eat tasty food that Bee spends all day preparing. The family includes mum, Yasha, Bee, Gil, me and Sisira, our tenant, who has been here since January. I guess we are a motley crew but there is something very special with our little group. It is special that mum lives at home with us and takes part in everything, even though she is 96 and has dementia. It is special that Yasha has a purpose, gathers us all together and runs the show. I cherish that Bee is still with us and hasn’t left yet (she plans to leave after lockdown). I am happy that Sisira feels comfortable enough to be part of our family gathering. And finally it is a treat - and not taken for granted - that Gil comes regularly every Friday night and gives respect to Yasha, spreads good energy, and infuses mum with joy and singsong time. (Her favourite songs are Que Sera and Avanti Popolo).

As we sit around the table, I’m trying to contain my laughter. Yasha is giving a 'Dvar Torah' ( a talk about the weekly Bible portion) and behind him I see mum in the kitchen drying his kosher dishes with the dirty 'smartut' (dishcloth). He would be horrified if he had eyes in the back of his head because he is so concerned with cleanliness and keeping his dishes kosher.


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