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Full of the best things ever


I always send photos and videos of mum to my family in Israel.

Yesterday Alma, my eight year old granddaughter, commented to her mother, Yasmin: Savta Jane will be very sad when nana dies.

This is my reply:

Hi Yasmin, can you pass this message onto Alma:

Hi darling Alma,

Yes, it’s true that I’m very attached to nana, and I will be very sad when she dies, but I was also very attached to Adolek, and hung out there lots and took him for many walks in his last years. When he died it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be because he just continued to live inside me, which felt and feels very good. It’s as if I’ve got ‘me’ inside me, but I’ve also got Adolek inside me, and one day, when nana dies, I’ll have her inside me too. And then I’ll be full of the best things ever, and it feels very loving, warm and cosy.


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