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  • Jane

How is Graham? Where is Graham?...


I know that mum’s high when she starts talking non-stop about Graham. It’s the first sign, and it happens each time.

How is Graham?

Where is Graham?

Lets’s go visit Graham (and Celina) and have a little party!

This goes on for days and it drives me crazy. I end up calling him so they can have a good chat.

Anton (Celina's son) and family are also pretty high on the list of mum’s favourites when she’s elevated. The same questions apply:

How is Anton?

Where is Anton?

How is Anton and Emma? And the children?

Let’s go visit them …

When they all come to visit, mum is as happy as pie :-)

Graham and an emotional mum!

Excitement with the family! - Mum with Emma, Anton, Sienna (Anton & Emma's daughter and mum's great grand daughter), & Celina

Mum and her great grandson, Sabe (Anton & Emma's son)

Pure happiness surrounded by her two favourite men!


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