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Introducing some of the housemates

I speak about the household a lot. How it supports each other and seems to carry us all in a nutty sort of way.

These days I have two tenants - Lisa from the Phillipines and Serena from India. Lisa is very kind and gentle and loves the garden with all its flowers. Serena's a lively and lovely 22 year old student. She’s friendly and helpful too.

There’s also Coby and Bee. I love that Coby lives here, and Bee too, except when Coby frustrates her and she goes into an emotional breakdown that can last for days.

They all see me zipping around like a true chicken without a head. I scurry here and there because I want to finish my jobs and sit down to do my work, specifically my art stuff.

The household revolves around mum. She is the queen, the centre of this home. Without her it wouldn’t have its spark. Everyone is out to help her.

Last night I was out late. Bee came home especially early from work by Uber so that she could be with ‘nana’ and give her hot milk, honey and toast. To me that’s priceless.

Yasha/Coby is wonderful with her too. Always patient and tending to her requests of ‘hot tea’ all day long. Whenever Coby and Bee cook, they always prepare a plate for mum. This makes me joyous.

Dealing with the challenges of living in a share-house are difficult but life-learning.

Here is Ricky...

Mum, why do you like Ricky?

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