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'Life Goes On...'

Ronny, my ex, has always felt very close to mum and dad. In 2016, when dad was 95 and fading away, Ronny informed me that he wants to say goodbye to him. That’s not a simple task because Ronny lives in Israel and would need to make the long flight to Australia - and just for three days.

Ronny did fly here and spent precious moments with dad before he died.

My two daughters, Sunny and Yasmin, their husbands and kids also live in Israel. My two sons, Gil and Yasha, live here, in Melbourne. We all communicate through What’s Ap. A few weeks ago, after mum’s fall and surgery, I posted a message saying that mum is very weak and barely eating.

Ronny called me soon after:

You know I’m thinking of coming to say goodbye to your mother. I’ve looked at tickets - I can arrive on Monday and leave on Friday morning

Me: Really! That’s crazy! So much money, so much effort, and only for three days!

Ronny: It’s not crazy. Your mother has always been so kind and loving towards me. I want to see her one last time and pay my respects.

And that’s what Ronny did.

I take my hat off to him and what he values.

Life Goes on


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