• Jane


Sunday 14.3.21

It’s been a rough couple of days. On Friday mum started showing signs of mania. She was very chatty and reflective, talking about old friends she wanted to visit (even though they’ve been dead for years).

By Friday evening she had raided my wardrobe and had dressed herself in a random selection of my clothes which were far too tight on her. But you could tell she felt pretty. The whole evening she barely sat down to eat and fussed and poked around the house, carrying piles of her treasures in assorted shopping bags.

She was still awake when the last guest left around midnight. On an average day she would have napped on and off throughout the day and would be in bed by 8pm

Each time I put her to bed, she was up again after a few minutes. By around 2.30am I was exhausted. I turned a few lights on and left her to potter around the house. Then I crashed.

Early morning - I could hear voices - they belonged to ‘the angels’ (the two tenants). Lina was trying to pacify her with a hot cup of tea. Then Sisira took over and spent some time helping mum choose some fresh clothes to wear.

Then it was Coby’s turn to look out for mum. I could see him on the webcam (camera set up in her room) leading her into her room, even though by then she was so manic that she didn’t recognise her room and wanted him to drive her to ‘her home’ (she had no idea where that was but was eager to show us in the ‘Melways’).

By the time I eventually crawled out of bed mum was unmanageable. She was insisting we drive her to the corner of the main road so she could go visit her old friend Nina Narodowski, (who had passed away many years ago). But at the same time she was convinced that I was Nina and Yasha was her husband Sam

By now her mind was a complete jumble. It was impossible to hold her back and she kept trying to escape in every way possible. She was very unsteady but still managed to climb over the low brick porch, and stand defiantly in the pouring rain. Eventually we enticed her back in but then she raced to the back door and sped outside. We then double locked all the doors to prevent her from running away. Again Mum begged me, Gil or Coby to take her to the corner. She looked so miserable and forlorn: ‘I’m not feeling well, please, please drive me to the corner.’ It was difficult to refuse her, so Gil and I drove her round the block in the pouring rain. All the while she was trying to open the door and jump out.

Once home again, the begging resumed. She insisted we take her to the corner, this time to visit the supermarket. We decided to walk with her despite the heavy rain. She must have had a minor stroke because by now she could barely walk, leaning over to one side, dragging her foot slightly. Gil had to hold her steady with one arm around her, the other hand holding the umbrella. I met them there with the car and she seemed to be slightly appeased. Home again. I called the weekend GP and made an appointment for her. We decided to give her a sedative. It was early evening, and she hadn't slept in two days. Gil coaxed her into bed and I jumped in next to her to keep an eye on her in case she got up again as she was so unsteady on her feet.

The sedative eventually worked and she slept the whole night. So did the household - we were all drained.

Around 10am I brought in her brekky and she was alert, happy, and hungry. She then fell back into a deep sleep.

I hope she’s come through the other side of mania and wakes up as her cosy, good-natured self.

Note: We suspected she had a UTI. Her urine sample came back positive and we started her on antibiotics. This could have been the reason for her mania.