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We finally arrive at The Hut and mum insists on helping to bring in the big bags from the car, including all the food stuff. She can barely move under the weight, and it is dark, so I run to help her. She potters around for ages, inside and outside, before she is ready for bed. I know she needs to potter for a while so I don’t stop her.

Gil and Yasha/Coby joined us today (Saturday) so it is a very cosy scene. Gil is at the table on his laptop, his headphones block out any noise. Yasha is praying. Mum is shuffling carefully from one room to another (there are two rooms here), arranging whatever she can - the shoes in a row, the food items in jars. She has now mixed all the porridge together with a packet of bran :-/

Mum’s evening procedures have changed slightly. She now needs me to help her undress and into her nightie. I resisted at first and found it challenging, and had to leave the room every few minutes to calm down. I don’t find it difficult anymore, and we have it all down to a fine art. The only thing I still refuse to do is to help her change her pad and put on a clean one for the night. Mum still manages that.

Mum loves it here. She says 'I am so happy I could cry'. We make the fire and she sleeps in the bed close to the fire. It is warm and cosy - no need for heat bags. Yasha sleeps in the bed next to mum. And I am in the other room, away from the heat and the bustle.

These are treasured moments, the quiet of the hut, the wind howling and shaking the trees outside, the fire crackling and spreading a warm glow through the hut, and us together.


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