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  • Jane

Mum's been sprung


Every morning, while I’m in the kitchen preparing breakfast, mum disappears into my room. She has a routine that she follows precisely. First, like I previously mentioned, she draws my curtains with two paper clips. Then she moves my nightie from the door where it’s hanging, to a wardrobe door handle (most impractical). She then folds any clothing that I’ve left for the dirty wash and lays it neatly on my bed. Next she takes my phone charger cord and wraps it tightly around the bed-light. Every day, day after day.

Finally she grabs whatever catches her eye - sometimes it’s my undies or bras or the book I’m reading; maybe my diary, a face cream, some accessory, anything. Weeks may pass where I search for my bra, and then it turns up rolled in a t-towel in a drawer in her cupboard. Or I discover my undies hidden in a shopping bag in the back of my car. 

Every time I go to my room, there are signs that mum's been there. At first I found it annoying. I’ve explained to her over and over again about the curtains, my nightie, the cord, my disappearing undies etc etc. She nods seeming to understand, but the next day it happens all over again.

I’ve thought of locking my door, or at least locking my cupboards, but that feels cruel. I feel I’m denying her the pleasure of fussing with my things. I’m sure she thinks she is helping me, making my life easier. 

I now know that it’s easier to learn to deal with her quirks than trying to change her ways. It's wasted energy getting frustrated over and over again. 

In a way, mum makes my room feel neat and cared for. And I know whatever she’s doing in my room is purely an act of love.


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