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  • Jane

My Curtains


When I walk into my room during the day, I find my curtains drawn together with clips and the room in darkness. Mum has been here again. Time and time again I have explained to her that I like to leave the curtains open during the day to let in the sunlight. 'We can draw the curtains at night, when it’s dark', I explain. 

She seems to understand, smiles and nods her head. But the next day the room is in darkness once again. I’ve started hiding the clips under the pillow, but she seems to have found other clips.

Today the curtains were drawn but not clipped together. It makes me feel sad for some reason - like I’ve clipped her wings.

Mum sewed two ties onto my curtains so we didn't need to use the clips. But that didn't stop her drawing the curtains and tying a tight knot with the ties.

I usually grapple with the tight knot, but sometimes I don't bother and keep the curtains drawn.

10.7.19  Half a year later...

How many times have I explained to mum that I like to have my curtains open during the day otherwise it is too dark in my room. Yet, she still struggles with this instruction, and today, sure enough, my curtains are drawn. I smile and untie the tight knot she’s made.


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