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The Fried Egg, the Smoke Alarm & the Firemen

July 23

Yesterday I was called to management after receiving this email:

Dear Jane

Can I please request a time to meet with you in person regarding the incident that occurred at Grand Cedar Last night.

I really wish to address the matter as soon as possible as we need to make sure such incidents do not occur again.

Please do let me know any tentative times that are most suitable for you, and we can schedule accordingly.

Oops, we’re in trouble - Yasha and I.

Yesterday I was running late to mum's so I asked Coby to go and start giving mum her dinner - a fried egg for mum. All was going smoothly except for one minor problem - he fried the egg a little too long.

And so the smoke detectors screamed out throughout the whole building‼️ Everyone began to run around frantically, and the head nurse was hysterical. I walked into mum's room at that moment, and Coby was innocently still preparing the meal for mum.

A few minutes later the fire brigade arrived and two tall firemen strode into mum's room. With all the tension, I started scolding Coby but quickly realized it wasn't his fault.

My main concern was that I probably would no longer be allowed to have electrical appliances - the microwave and the induction cooker - in her room. I’d need to find a new bright idea to prepare mum tasty nutritious food.

A few days later the management purchased a lovely microwave which now sits in the dining room. And I received permission to be able to fry mum and egg - but only in the common area.

In hindsight we were all very lucky that nothing worse happened.

The new microwave sitting in the dining room


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