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An interview with Marysia Kohn. 'What kept you going?'

This interview with mum is part of the ID’44 (IDentity 1944) series by the artist Agata di Masternak, where she Interviews Holocaust Survivors and the 2nd and 3rd generations.

The project is a warning and reminder of what can happen if we don’t learn from the past. It is also a memorial for those who want to share their stories with the artist as well as reflections on positive change for the future.

The topics covered in the interview include:

What made you a Survivor?

Moral Values


What kept you going?

The Ring

Medieval Christianity and The Book of Hours

Why do you study the History of Christianity?

Mary (Marysia) and her husband loved to dance

Are you afraid of dying?

Always think about helping others

An interview with Marysia Kohn by Agata di Masternak, 2017


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