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Who loves chicken feet !?


Mum's staple these days is a tub of hot chicken soup and 2 or 3 deboned chicken feet. She will push away her dinner tray in disgust but when she sees me bringing the white bowl with the hot soup, her face lights up and her hands shake with excitement. Mum grabs the bowl and gulps the soup down, letting out 'aaaahhhhs' of contentment. This is her way of saying it is 'excellent and perfectly hot'. The chicken feet delight her no less. I patiently pick out all the tiny bones and she gobbles the droopy feet, one by one.

This system has been working for at least a year. I invite my friend (and mum's ex-carer) Samanthika to come and help me sort through the jumble -- pots full of cooked carcasses, necks, feet and boiled vegetables. Hours later, an army of tubs are stacked up on my kitchen bench.

Yesterday, Dayoung, the wwoofer and now our friend, also popped in to see how she could help. She ended up taking a fresh tub over to feed mum.

These two women fill me with deep happiness and ease my life. Bless them ♡

And I forgot to mention Yasha -- or Yaakov -- as he prefers to be called. He doesn't help with the preparations because the feet aren't kosher. But he's there to do whatever else he can to make it easier for us. And so, the cycle of care goes round.

I think I'll call these three 'the love team' :-)

The latest batch

It's all explained here. Captured by Gil

Dayoung, me and Samanthika taking a tea break

The love team


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