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  • Jane

Hema, Mum and Mali


I took mum Hema and Mali to our hut near Warburton. I picked them up from Chehan’s place and off we trotted. 

Mum was very excited and also overwhelmed with all the things needed to be done in the hut. She kept saying There’s a lot to be done... great neglect. 

And I keep answering her: It was even more neglected when you and Adolek were in charge. Gil and I have worked so hard decluttering the whole place and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning …

Mum and Hema have got on like a house on fire. Mum thinks Hema is older than her because she has long grey hair and mum keeps holding her hand to support her. 

It is very moving - the strangeness of the two mums - mine and Chehan's - together in their old age. Who would have ever imagined life unfolding like this ?

The next morning we drove to their rented place in Bon Beach and slept there. I lined the mattress with large rubbish bags because I was scared that mum would pish the bed. Fortunately she didn't.

In the morning Hema taught me to make pol sambol. 


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