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  • Jane

I am not your Mummy


Mum is in her room. I give her hot tea and her tablets and show her the sign that today is Monday.

What’s going on today? 

Today’s Monday, just another day.

Who am I to you ?

You’re my mother

She drinks the tea and looks at me, confused

Who are you to me? she asks with pained eyes.

I’m your daughter.

What’s my name? she asks.

I can see her thinking hard.

I ease the difficulty

Your name’s Marysia. I am not your mother. Guess who I am?


She guesses well.

I am still tired, she murmurs.

She tries again. Pointing to me, she questions You are Jane?

She points to herself, I am Marysia? 

You are my mother ?

No I’m not your mother. I’m your daughter.  

I break the tension. Don’t worry, I laugh. We’re getting confused.

She laughs a little too.


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