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  • Jane

It's June 2017 & Mum moves in

March 2017.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with mum, sleeping at her place nearly every second night, sometimes every night. She is fragile and doesn't talk much, but she is still tuned in, even though she sometimes gets very down and confused. It’s important for me to give mum as much care, love and time as possible. Sometimes she is lonely, so she says, yet sometimes she doesn't want any carers there. 

It was hard to leave her now for five weeks while I visit my family - especially the grandkids and Madja - in Israel. Hopefully mum won't feel down.

2 months later: June 2017

Mum moved into my place. How did this happen? I had slept at her place that night and was leaving early to go to exercise. As I’m racing out, mum lets me know that she’s packed my car and is coming home with me. 

That’s that. 

Mum moves into our ‘share house’. 

Mum sleeps in my room and I sleep on the couch for 4 months because there is no spare room. It is a full house. There are 3 generations now, plus Aman (from Punjab), Kamran and Sadra (from Iran), Yasha and his girlfriend, Bee, (from Vietnam) and sometimes Gil stays over too. What a colourful home! 

After 4 months Aman leaves to marry his chosen bride, Devender. Mum moves into his little room while I move back to mine.

Mum is happy here. She no longer speaks of wanting to die. Her spirit is good and stable. There are people around, and she enjoys them.

Jane: It makes you happy living in this house, no?

Mum: Yes, very happy.

Jane: Why?


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