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  • Jane

Packing and Pishing


I asked mum to pack a bag for The Hut. I thought I better double check her bag before we leave. In it she had put:

Our Haggadah

A freshly washed shower curtain

A new green towel from the special cupboard

2 books of Ecclesiastes.

A man’s shirt on a hangar.

A packet of curtain hooks

A box of decorative matches

And more…

It made me think of a toddler who would pack in a similar way for a trip.

Packing for The Hut wasn’t easy. It's winter and the car is full of doonas. Mum has two large ones, four blankets, plus all the waterproof mats and towels that go on top of her sheet. I have two light doonas and one heavier one. Then there are all the baskets of food and clothes. And lastly all the nappies - large bags of extra padded pull-up nappies for the night and bags of regular padded pads for the day.

I give mum plenty of time to prepare for the trip and to get into the car. I know it can take ages because she is distracted by ever single thing on the way to the car and her attention is held at that spot until her next step.

I get into the car and finally start the motor hoping this will hurry her along. She’s forgotten to pish (pee) so I tell her to go do it. I look towards the back door, expecting to see her go inside, but she’s nowhere in sight. I hear a noise and turn around. There she is, squatting on the grass and pishing, her bum in full view of anyone passing.

I laugh to myself. She has no inhibitions, in fact as far back as I can remember, she’s always pished on the grass when she needs to go quickly. I love this quality in her.

When you have to go, you have to go :-)


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