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  • Jane

Who Drank my Tea?


You need a lot of patience, love and good will caring for an old parent. 

This morning I gave mum her cup of tea and porridge She had a good appetite today - drank the tea quickly and gobbled the porridge all up. 

Meanwhile I made my cuppa and left it to cool on the kitchen bench. When I returned, mum was standing there and drinking it all up. What could I do but laugh? 

But it’s difficult for me when she stands in the kitchen looking at me with confusion in her eyes and the empty bowl in her hand. She’s waiting for me to tell her what to do. Sometimes I don’t have patience and rather then being short with her I leave the room. She usually manages without my instruction. When I’m feeling kind and patient, I smilingly tell her to put her bowl in the sink ( I point to the sink). 

The key is to catch my frustrated feeling and shift it by giving her a smile. It’s not easy. 

It's practise every day, all day. 


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